Bioengineering the future

We were delighted to be invited to the recent University of Sheffield Bioengineering showcase event. This is a department we hadn’t previously had much contact with in the past so this was a particularly exciting opportunity for us to learn about their research activities and to make contact with academics, researchers and students in the department.

Starting with some talks from researchers, we gained some insight into the work that goes on in the department, including:

Following the talks, we had a full tour of the department. I were particularly impressed by the undergraduate teaching facilities (I was also slightly jealous that I didn’t have access to such a variety of high-quality learning tools at my disposal during my undergraduate studies – it certainly seems that engineering teaching facilities have since evolved hugely across the board).

Each visiting company gave a quick overview of what they do, followed by a Q&A session around how we operate, what competencies we look for in prospective employees, and what the potential involvement of Bioengineering interns and graduates in our companies would look like.

As well as learning about the excellent research going on in the Bioengineering department at the University of Sheffield, I gained an insight into some of the routine technical challenges that researchers face with their experimental equipment. With discussions about potential knowledge transfer projects, student internships, and already some discussions about one potential collaboration, I am confident that our relationship with this department will grow and strengthen.

If you would like to learn more about Bioengineering at Sheffield, visit their website here.

– Article written by Earle Jamieson, ReSolve Co-founder and Managing Director